Heart Traveler

A human heart is quiet possibly the most beautiful theory that has ever existed.
Capable of loving deeply, feeling wildly, and aching sorely

My heart is experiencing something new here

It’s dividing.

Microscopic cells are building a barrier, right down the center of my heart…between here and there 

These cells are forming a new section, one that has been slowly filling itself up without me even noticing.

This new section is exclusively for here.

For the love here

The feelings here 

The achings here.

My new fragmented heart has doubled while simultaneously breaking itself apart.

The double isn’t a twin, it’s an expansion. 

It’s the street signs hidden by flowers that smell like spring herself.

It’s the laughs shared in a low budget office building.

It’s the tears that fall into the laps of humans that somehow share one singular soul.

It’s the inconsistent emotions that bond strangers close together

It’s the way we lay closely but refrain from taking it too far too soon.

It’s the drip of sweat that forms while music pounds onto our open chests.


Maybe I am this way.

Forever traveling from home to home

Realizing it’s home, and leaving it.


My physical body leaves, but this mystery quadrant of my heart will remain. Both in me and there. Teasing me with the stability I don’t want. 

Or I do want. 

Constantly searching for a new place to connect with

New people to cry with 

New trees to smell.


How many segments can a heart have? 

Maybe as many as an intricate mosaic.

Mosaics are beautiful but somehow incredibly fragile


But legendary and memorable in the lives of those who see them

Interesting but not something you want to see everyday


Something tells me I should only expand my heart so far or else it will burst, 



One heart is incapable of experiencing all types of love

All forms of sadness

All shades of jealousy 

There has to be one type that just works.

One hand that feels the best 

Or just enough

One bed that holds you the best

Or in the right places.

One passion that satisfies you

Or occupies you. 


Maybe I’m like this.

A heart traveler.

Opening up shop somewhere/everywhere/anywhere I can 

Until something catches 

Until I hurt so bad that only one remedy will cure me

Until I dive so deep that only one tank will last me

Until I fall so fast that only one place will catch me

Until I shake so hard that only one touch will stabilize me





Until then, I’ll keep traveling.