Lost In My Body

Thoughts pour through my heart
Pulse through my soul 

But when they reach my fingers, they get jammed
Stuck inside of me

And they have no place to go.

So instead of escaping through my fingers, they get lost within my body.

Thoughts in my wrists
Thoughts in my forearms
Neck (lots of thoughts in my neck)

And they bounce back down, away from my mouth 

Slingshotting down to my heart again

But by the time they make it back to my heart, they are different 

The journey around my insides has changed them 

These thoughts are jumbled and ragged. They are easy to tear apart and they are unclear. They don’t make sense to anyone and they don’t make sense to me. Where did they come from?

Oh… Me. 

If only they would’ve come out my fingers like I asked them to in the first place. 
And my fingers continue move with nothing to say. 

All of the things I have to say are lost in my body.